How to Craft the Perfect Tea Connection

In Sweden, this moment has a name I love, fika, (pronounced fee-ka). It roughly translates to coffee break but encapsulates so much more. The moment where folks gather to savor a coffee or a tea and a sweet treat. To make a purposeful redirection in the day. Fueled as much by the connections being made as it is the drink or sweets. Talk to any … Continue reading How to Craft the Perfect Tea Connection


Feeling Stuck? 5 Ideas to help you Reset

Ever have one of those days where you just feel frazzled, stuck, or unfocused? Here are a few ideas for hitting the reset button. Unplug – put your devices away and free yourself of external stimulation for 20 minutes. Take a walk – let the fresh air clear your mind. Let your thoughts wander. Listen to music – sing along with no regard for who may … Continue reading Feeling Stuck? 5 Ideas to help you Reset

Choose Joy

It sometimes seems nearly impossible to escape the chaos of the holiday season. The traffic is heavier, the weather may be a struggle, and the kids are home from school on a week-long sugar high. The absolute worst for me are the short days and extended darkness. I’m so happy to be on the west coast now where we have the same short days but … Continue reading Choose Joy