Do This ONE Thing Everyday to Achieve your Goals

Be like a postage stamp and stick to one thing until you get there! By Josh Billings One thing is the best approach to propel you forward. You’ve got a million and one projects competing for your time, energy, and attention. You get excited about each new idea, but you can’t pursue them all without burning out. Your mind keeps racing, trying to figure out … Continue reading Do This ONE Thing Everyday to Achieve your Goals

Mantra for 2019

For 2019, rather than a resolution I’ve set a mantra for myself — a purposeful intention to guide me through the year. A #mindsetreset as Mel Robbins is helping to coach me through. My Mantra for 2019: Do it with Intention Life is packed. Work, kids, school, relationships, fitness, worship there is no shortage of things to do on our daily to-do list. But in … Continue reading Mantra for 2019


What’s a Side Hustle & Why You Need One

The word side hustle has become trendy in the past few years, part gig-economy, part a need for multiple streams of income, or a need to supplement your career with something you’re passionate about. The traditional career path and job markets continue to change at a rapid pace. Even more, the pace of technological advancement is faster than ever before so the idea of five years in … Continue reading What’s a Side Hustle & Why You Need One

Take time to reflect and unplug

It’s normal to look ahead at this time of year. Whether that means prepping for a celebratory gathering with family, snagging the perfect New Year’s Eve dress at during Cyber Week sales, or booking flights for your planned spring break travel, it’s perfectly normal to plan ahead. But I want to challenge us (especially, those of us who hustle for tomorrow like it may never … Continue reading Take time to reflect and unplug

Perfectly Not Perfect

Perfection. It has been the curse that has kept me from starting this blog for the past several years. So I finally called it’s bluff and here is the beginning of my sharing my journey through career and life and my definition of being a #Girlboss. Have you struggled with perfectionism in your life?  See this TED Talk on why it will hold you back. … Continue reading Perfectly Not Perfect