How to Maximize Your Flow

Explorers are fun-loving, adventure-seeking people. While this is typically something that others love about Explorers, it’s also something they may get flack for when their needs aren’t understood. They literally can’t operate without fun. They are the people that most acutely feel their soul being sucked dry by too much structure, routine, and work. And Explorers can’t be their fullest, most brilliant, most productive selves … Continue reading How to Maximize Your Flow


Flip the Script

If you are following along to Mel Robbins #mindsetreset, the focus of yesterdays lesson was on the power of visualization. To boil it down, you are going to Flip the Script. Here is an example: Original thought: I’m not coordinated enough to do Yoga. I get lost doing the pose, learning all those funny terms, and straining my neck to see what the instructor is … Continue reading Flip the Script

Mantra for 2019

For 2019, rather than a resolution I’ve set a mantra for myself — a purposeful intention to guide me through the year. A #mindsetreset as Mel Robbins is helping to coach me through. My Mantra for 2019: Do it with Intention Life is packed. Work, kids, school, relationships, fitness, worship there is no shortage of things to do on our daily to-do list. But in … Continue reading Mantra for 2019