How to Maximize Your Flow

Explorers are fun-loving, adventure-seeking people. While this is typically something that others love about Explorers, it’s also something they may get flack for when their needs aren’t understood. They literally can’t operate without fun. They are the people that most acutely feel their soul being sucked dry by too much structure, routine, and work. And Explorers can’t be their fullest, most brilliant, most productive selves … Continue reading How to Maximize Your Flow


Feeling Stuck? 5 Ideas to help you Reset

Ever have one of those days where you just feel frazzled, stuck, or unfocused? Here are a few ideas for hitting the reset button. Unplug – put your devices away and free yourself of external stimulation for 20 minutes. Take a walk – let the fresh air clear your mind. Let your thoughts wander. Listen to music – sing along with no regard for who may … Continue reading Feeling Stuck? 5 Ideas to help you Reset