How to Maximize Your Flow

Explorers are fun-loving, adventure-seeking people. While this is typically something that others love about Explorers, it’s also something they may get flack for when their needs aren’t understood. They literally can’t operate without fun. They are the people that most acutely feel their soul being sucked dry by too much structure, routine, and work. And Explorers can’t be their fullest, most brilliant, most productive selves … Continue reading How to Maximize Your Flow

Choose Joy

It sometimes seems nearly impossible to escape the chaos of the holiday season. The traffic is heavier, the weather may be a struggle, and the kids are home from school on a week-long sugar high. The absolute worst for me are the short days and extended darkness. I’m so happy to be on the west coast now where we have the same short days but … Continue reading Choose Joy

Take time to reflect and unplug

It’s normal to look ahead at this time of year. Whether that means prepping for a celebratory gathering with family, snagging the perfect New Year’s Eve dress at during Cyber Week sales, or booking flights for your planned spring break travel, it’s perfectly normal to plan ahead. But I want to challenge us (especially, those of us who hustle for tomorrow like it may never … Continue reading Take time to reflect and unplug