Do This ONE Thing Everyday to Achieve your Goals

Be like a postage stamp and stick to one thing until you get there!

By Josh Billings

One thing is the best approach to propel you forward.

You’ve got a million and one projects competing for your time, energy, and attention. You get excited about each new idea, but you can’t pursue them all without burning out. Your mind keeps racing, trying to figure out which is the best thing to focus on first. How do you select that One thing?  Go small. What is the single most important thing you can do on your to-do list? Only ONE thing can be the most important.

One thing allows you to focus on progress, not perfection.

There’s no such thing as perfect. No one has it all together, we’re all works in progress. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, it will never happen. So rather than a to-do list, create a must to list with just one thing on it each day. Get real and honest with yourself or seek guidance from a friend if you need clarity.

One thing creates a domino effect

Every great change starts like falling dominos. Did you know that a single domino can have the effect of doing 545 push-ups? Each standing domino represents a small amount of energy. The more you line up, the more energy you release. Line up enough dominos, single acts, and you can start a chain reaction of surprising power. When the right thing is set in motion, it can topple many obstacles out of your way.

Concentrate on One Thing




Each of these brands is successful because they focus on ONE thing.

Apple – making minimal products excellently.

Google – Search

Disney – create a great guest experience.

One passion, One skill

Look behind any successful person, and you’ll see that they take their one passion or one skill and build from there. When you have a passion, you practice it a lot. When you practice a lot, you build skill. Better skills, lead to better results. Better results, lead to more passion for what you do. It starts with just one thing to create a virtual circle.

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What’s your One Thing?

Whether you’re looking to level-up, pursue a passion you’ve put on the back burner, or just end the madness of a mile long to-do list, it’s time to get real and honest with yourself. Busyness will not care of business. Success is not achieved by doing the most.

So what is the One Thing you will do today on your success list?

This article was inspired by The One Thing: The Surprisingly  Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller.


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