How to Maximize Your Flow

Explorers are fun-loving, adventure-seeking people. While this is typically something that others love about Explorers, it’s also something they may get flack for when their needs aren’t understood. They literally can’t operate without fun. They are the people that most acutely feel their soul being sucked dry by too much structure, routine, and work. And Explorers can’t be their fullest, most brilliant, most productive selves when they feel bogged down or trapped.

Welcome to week 2 of 2019!

I was recently introduced to Project EVO as I take on 2019 with Intention. The premise is that each Brain Type has a few unique things that make them thrive, and that they need to maximize their flow. And when you know what these are, it becomes easier to incorporate these “thrive factors” into your life called a FLOW.

What each Brain Type needs to thrive:

  • Explorers need Fun and Adventure
  • Oracles need to Disconnect and Find Focus Time
  • Alchemists need Variety and to Share Discoveries
  • Architects need Order and Balance

Similar to other assessment type tools, the EVO Flow System is specifically designed to help you effortlessly organize your day the way that your brain type works. It encompasses both a planner with a unique layout by Brain Type and a mobile app to help you maximize your flow. 

Note: True success is NOT endless productivity and checking off boxes or resolutions. It’s a feeling — of focus, flow, and intention.  

I love the resurgence of journals and find that actually taking to time to plan out my day on paper is working well for me. Last year it was a bullet journal this year I’m trying out the Project Evo planner. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

I am an Explorer.

I’m physically present. I exist in the real world and am great with things that require a hands-on approach. I’m not afraid to get in the middle of a chaotic situation and get my hands dirty.

Creating, building, designing and capturing beauty are things I love to do. I’m drawn to things that allow me to use my hands and body to do this, such as mechanics, engineering, building things from scratch, photography, dance, or other forms of expression.

Wanna try this for yourself? Take a leap on over to the Project Evo site to take the assessment. To have even more fun, try it with your team, your partner, your soul-mate. I’d love to hear how the conversation goes.

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    1. Please do! I’ve been on the hunt for a planner that is also productivity focused and motivational as well. I’m testing out two right now, this one and the Brendan Burchard one. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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