Flip the Script

If you are following along to Mel Robbins #mindsetreset, the focus of yesterdays lesson was on the power of visualization. To boil it down, you are going to Flip the Script.

Here is an example:

Original thought: I’m not coordinated enough to do Yoga. I get lost doing the pose, learning all those funny terms, and straining my neck to see what the instructor is actually doing. This is just not for me.

Flip the Script: I love how Yoga makes me feel. I’m going to try a class for at least a couple of weeks to get my body into the rhythm and flow.

The Cost of the Negative Voice

The more you can flip the negativity of your internal script around to the positive the easier it will be to visualize where you want to be. It’s not as hard as it seems. Think about all the things you’ve already accomplished. When you look ahead at completing a college degree, four years seems like forever but it goes by before you know it.

Think through all of those negative, limiting beliefs running through your mind. Now think about what they have cost you when you allow them to perpetuate. And let today be a new day. Accept where you are and visualize where you will go from here.

The Practice

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, a clinical psychologist, and creator of The Practice captured this best. To paraphrase: What we have been told all our life about social norms – or what’s “Normal” – passed on to us from our parents, our teachers, or society, in general, are NOT our truths and we don’t just have to accept them.

It’s time to say “F*CK Norm!” or whatever label you give to that voice in your head. And replace it with this instead:

We’re not crazy. We’re human.

We’re not the problem. We’re the solution.

We’re here together. To heal together.

For ourselves. And for each other.

Be all that you dream of being, and I’d love to hear how you will flip the script in 2019.

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