Mantra for 2019

For 2019, rather than a resolution I’ve set a mantra for myself — a purposeful intention to guide me through the year. A #mindsetreset as Mel Robbins is helping to coach me through.

My Mantra for 2019: Do it with Intention

Life is packed. Work, kids, school, relationships, fitness, worship there is no shortage of things to do on our daily to-do list. But in navigating through, I often find myself on auto-pilot. What does this mean? It means I find myself reacting or just going through the motions of life more so than living it with intention.

This is part of the reason why I was so excited to see Mel Robbins new program #mindsetreset. Which is free by the way.

And my mantra for 2019 is to be intentional.

Why settle for being ordinary when the world has it made it so easy to be extraordinary.

~Seth Godin


I struggle with auto-immune deficiencies and very intense sensitivity to metals. For me to feel the most optimal every day it means I need to pay very specific attention to my diet. While I try to follow a gluten-free, and Paleo/Keto diet I don’t do it as religiously as I should because it takes a lot of planning with grocery shopping and food prep. I get lazy or take the easy route and get take out far more often than I should.

Intention #1: Intentionally plan what I eat and know that if I take shortcuts it will lead to feeling crappy.


a couple of years ago I set a really audacious goal. I decided to pursue not just an exercise routine or join a gym I signed up for an over (age) 40 – bodybuilding competition.  Yes, I like competition and I like extremes. The competition was 10 months out. I followed a specific food plan, I exercised twice a day, 6 days a week.

I was in the best shape of my life at the age of 44.

About three weeks before the competition, I suffered a rotator cuff injury and there was just no way I could complete the final stretch of exercise and extreme diet needed to actually meet the entrance qualifications so I quit. Not just the competition but the whole program.

The injury took months to heal, then I had a job change and a move from Colorado to California. I never found the same group camaraderie as I had with that team I was on so I let my life slip into a new autopilot mode, and never got back to that level of fitness.

Intention #2: Find a new workout tribe even if it’s just a walking group to get back into a regular routine.

I share these two intentions with you because it’s helpful to have someone help hold you accountable with your goals. And as when I was training for a competition, it never hurts to have a cheering squad to propel you on.

If you set your own mantras for the year too, I’d love to hear about them! Until then, I’ll report back on progress throughout the year.

Want to get inspired by Mel Robbins Mind-Set-Reset program, you’ll find it here!

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