It Starts with Attitude!

Everything is Figureoutable!

Marie Forleo

This is my absolute favorite quote! Even more powerful is to listen to Marie speak, and to hear that even people who seemingly have it all figured out have to work at it. But it starts with the right attitude.

I’m heading into 2019 with the attitude that everything is figureoutable. What could you do if you believe this is true? Trust in yourself, you’ve got this. So don’t let the world pass you by, grab it by the horns and be the change that you want to see. All it takes is the right Attitude.

Here’s to 2019!

2 thoughts on “It Starts with Attitude!

  1. Oh Amen! I need to post that quote on my wall, or make it my phone background or something. I’ve got plans for 2019 and I can’t wait to see how they grow!

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