Why We Do What We Do

There are a few things in life that have come to be staples and one of those for me is the need to continually immerse myself in learning new things. Let’s dive into this a bit further and talk about how to make room for it all.

Earlier this year I got drawn into a very engaging book called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg and this inspired me to consciously fit more reading into my life.

Consciously planning time to read, write, take a class on Skillshare, listen to a podcast whatever your medium of choice is can easily be done. My addiction for reading is Audible which by the way has tons of amazing free content!

The book explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. At it’s core, a habit is merely the repetition of an action until it becomes second nature and no longer requires thought.

This can apply to positive things like exercise and productive work habits, however it also applies to all of the time sucks in our lives like mindlessly watching TV or scanning through social media.

We often believe we can’t afford the time it takes, but the opposite is true: None of us can afford not to learn.  Learning is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

2019 is right around the corner so if you are contemplating resolutions think about exchanging mindless screen time for something more fulfilling.

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal

This book inspired me and so to take this a step further, I’ve upped my reading goal for the year from one book per month to 40 books per year.

One way that I love to keep track of what I’ve read, listened to, or have on my wish list is on Goodreads.

While this app may fall into the realm of social media I like to think of it as a productivity tool that not only keeps track of what I’ve read, but it also allows me to connect to friends (through FB or not), to see their reading lists, and to follow authors I love.

Here is a link to find me and to help hold me accountable to this goal as well as see some books you may be interested in.

How to Fit it All In

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Groan – no one wants to hear this but I’ve actually found that I’m more productive by starting out with a motivational book, Ted Talk or Podcast. Browse through the inspire page if you need some good ideas.
  2. Eating lunch at your desk? Plug your ear buds in and take at least 20 minutes or time for one chapter. Audible tip: increase the speed to 1.25x you’ll shave as much as an hour off the duration.
  3. Commute to the work or school? Just press play on your way in unless you really need to hear the traffic and weather. Even better now that so many vehicles have Apply Play to sync to the car stereo.
  4. Join a book club or connect with friends on a tool like Goodreads. Collaboration helps keep you accountable! Speaking of book club, have you seen the movie yet? My husband and I went to see it when it came out, and it was hilarious!
  5. Spice up your treadmill time, get outdoors for a run or bike ride. Walking with a friend or spouse? Pick a book you both love and discuss it along the way!

No Excuses!

Just stay consistent and curious to solidify learning as a habit that you will appreciate and reap rewards from for the rest of your life.

So do tell! I’m updating my to read list for 2019 and I’d love to hear any tips you have both on time to fit in more reading as well as some of your favorite authors and titles in the comments below.


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