How to not over-indulge during the holidays


Tell me, what’s your favorite food or drink for the holidays and how much do you let yourself indulge? The average American gains around 5 pounds every holiday season. I’m here to tell you, the struggle is real! This time of year, gives us so many opportunities to gather with friends, make memories over shared meals and throw our wellness plans out the window. Just be sure to balance all of your holiday faves with healthy options like these amazing new Skinny Dipped almonds dipped in a thin layer of artisan dark chocolate and finished with a whisper of cocoa and raspberry. 

Speaking of balance, are you making time to exercise? With all of the at home or online programs there are just #noexcuses and #nogym required! One of my absolute favorites has always been P90X by Tony Horton, but I’ve taken a detour this month and I’m doing Shaun Week by Shaun T. You’ll find these and many more at Beachbody on Demand all for $99 a year. So, like I said, #noexcuses, grab a towel and get to it!

2 thoughts on “How to not over-indulge during the holidays

  1. So true.. I personally indulge in too much sugary stuff, since the rest of the year I don’t touch it. We have Greek honey macaroons that I can’t leave alone. As for drink, my fave is Prosecco.
    I walk 4 miles every day rain or shine, but never had the motivation to actually go to a gym.

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