Who’s in your Tribe?

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Cruising down the Pacific coastline this morning, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sapphire blue skies and Alicia Keys “This Girl is on Fire” comes on the radio. What could possibly make the day more perfect?


I recently read the book “Disrupters: Success Strategies from Women who Break the Mold” by Dr. Patti Fletcher.  It was a brilliant and uplifting read! I’ll highlight here a few of the key traits amongst these women which are not at all secrets but good to highlight.

1. Who’s in your Tribe? A tribe is to Women as Networking is to Men. Women tend to be much more relationship oriented hence the term tribe is far more befitting the women (or men) we choose to surround ourselves with. Recognize the beautiful, unique blend of personal and professional relationships that you’ve built up through your life and purposefully nurture them!

2. Portfolio of Styles – similar to having your own fashion sense. Sure you’d rather be in jeans and t-shirt, or for some of you, yoga pants but the moment calls for you to dress for the occasion and you feel amazing doing it. Having a portfolio of styles is being authentic to who you are while at the same time adapting different styles and methods. The key is to never let your environment change who you are. Always be You!

3. The Culmination of experiences – throughout your schooling and your career your whole life is a culmination of experiences that shape you and lead you down the path toward your intended purpose. How many times do we take the path of least resistance because we’re afraid we can’t do something else? Have the courage to pave your own path.

4. Self Worth – this is a big one! “As long as you link your self-worth to anybody else’s expectations, you’re just setting yourself up for failure”. I was never one to follow the path others recommended for me and I’m certainly not one to be told what to do or that I can’t do something. I am a fire sign after all! That doesn’t mean I’m always a super confident Girlboss, just strong-willed and determined. So never let someone else determine your self-worth be it a significant other, spouse, boss, colleague etc! That doesn’t mean you don’t listen to feedback or advice it simply means you take it into consideration and follow your intuition!

Is your tribe one to accompany you and motivate you on your journey? 

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